General Information

29 + 30 June, 13:00-17:00 CEST timezone We are happy to welcome you live to the PHOTONICS+ #1 Virtual Exhibiton and Conference

We recommend the latest version of the Google Chrome or Firefox. In addition:

  • A camera and microphone for participation in meetings or networking rooms
  • Participation preferably from a home device and home network due to company firewalls.
  • At best a screen over 13 inches

This is possible, but you will achieve the best experience via a laptop or computer.

Visitor Information

Tickets to PHOTONICS+

  1. 490 € Premium 2-day ticket (Take advantage of all PHOTONICS+ has to offer: interact live with our top-notch exhibitors and attendees, visit the exhibition and conference, start 1:1 live chats with exhibitors, watch key notes and product presentations and ask your questions, make new contacts in the themed networking rooms).
  2. Free 2-day ticket (Attend the high-profile event for free: browse the booths, watch the key notes and learn all about latest market innovations in the product presentations.
  3. That being said, there are a number of codes to receive a complimentary ticket; you can receive these from exhibitors.

The access code is valid for all days of the event.



Your brand assets for the exhibition booth vary depending on placement and functionality. For the best overview we suggest viewing this video. If you have further questions, please reach out to the Photonics Plus team.

Send your video to the Carlos at EPIC via WeTransfer. EPIC will then upload your video to a special Photonics Plus YouTube channel and provide you with the URL from your video to add to your booth.

If you do not have an existing company video, we recommend you make a recording that is not longer than 90 seconds using Zoom. The recording should have 1 or 2 slides explaining what your company does and how you can help. The last slide should have your contact details (a picture, name, phone, and email address).



The best way to get the most leads is by promoting your booth via the unique web address you have been given by the Photonics Plus team. We recommend sharing and communicating that specific web address to get the most potential leads at the event.

Scheduling meetings

The time zone of the event is CET.


Inviting Clients/ Partners

To invite your clients you can send a newsletter, a direct email, social media promotion, and/or LinkedIn.


You will receive unique codes from the Photonics+ team that can be shared with your clients. Each code has a one-time use so we recommend to double check that those you invite are qualified. By qualified we mean: genuine people who you would like to see and are interested in developing technology together and/or are interested in buying your product. You are responsible for the quality of the visitors.


Sales/ Partner Leads

We define a lead as: visitors that drop a business card directly at your booth or have visited your exhibition booth. When someone drops a business card on your exhibitor page, you will receive an email with that message. This is also the most direct lead.

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