Featuring leading keynotes by Photonics users

    February 17, 00:00 - 00:00
    Katarzyna Balakier
    Senior System Engineer – Photonics
    February 17, 00:00 - 00:00
    Juan Manuel Martinez
    R&D Engineer
    February 17, 00:00 - 00:00
    Umberto Emanuele
    Business Development and Product Manager
    February 17, 00:00 - 00:00
    Vipul Patel
    Senior Technology Leader
    February 17, 00:00 - 00:00
    Cristina Bertoni
    Project Leader
    February 17, 00:00 - 00:00
    Anthony Yu
    Vice President, Computing and Wired Infrastructure Business Unit
    February 17, 00:00 - 00:00
    Thomas Liljeberg
    General Manager, Photonic Integration; Silicon Photonics Products Division
    February 17, 00:00 - 00:00
    Benjamin Askenazi
    Applied & Digital Optics Team Manager
    February 17, 00:00 - 00:00
    Veronika Marek
    Applied & Digital Optics Team Manager
  • MBDA (UK)
    February 17, 00:00 - 00:00
    MBDA (UK)
    Chris Greenway
    Department Head Electro-Optic Sensors
    February 17, 00:00 - 00:00
    Christoph Gärditz
    Head of Interior Lighting & Services
    February 17, 00:00 - 00:00
    Markus Fischer
    Vice President R&D Operation
    February 17, 00:00 - 00:00
    Jonathan Steckel
    Director of Advanced Technology Intelligence
    February 17, 00:00 - 00:00
    Juan Pedro Fernández Palacios
    Head of Unit
  • 3PHOTON: Marius Semeta, CEO, will talk about: Infrared coatings and crystals
  • ACKTAR LTD. (ACM COATINGS GMBH): Alexander Telle, will talk about: Broad bandwidth straylight suppression with ultra-black coatings
  • AEROTECH: Derrick Jepson, Regional Sales Manager, will talk about: Photonics & Aerotech
  • AIXEMTEC: Tobias Mueller, CTO, will talk about: Automation of photonics system manufacturing: Sorting, Inspection, Assembly and Test for R&D and Production
  • ALL-IN OPTICS: Lars Nakotte, CEO, will talk about: Engineering / Prototyping & serial production of plastic optics
  • ALMAE TECHNOLOGIES: Hélène Debrégeas, Director of Innovation, will talk about: Almae Technology : designer and manufacturer of innovative transmitters for optical networks
  • ALPHANOV: Alexander Loulier, Sales Engineer, will talk about: Innovative development in Fiber lasers and Specialty optical fiber interfacing
  • ALTECHNA: Laurynas Šatas, CTO, will talk about: Ultraviolet optical components from research to industry
  • AMPLITUDE LASER: Guillaume Szymczak, Global Sales Manager Europe, will talk about: With Femtosecond Laser, How to Make Productivity Gains Sub title: From 20W to 300W, the scalability of your process
  • AMS TECHNOLOGIES: Thomas Moritz, Business Lines Manager, will talk about: Optical Sensing Infrastructure
  • ANSYS' LUMERICAL: James Pond, Principal Product Manager, will talk about: Recent innovations in Ansys' Lumerical PDK-driven workflows
  • ASTRUM LT: Sergei Tsarev, CEO, will talk about: Laser solutions for medical/aesthetic application
  • AVANTES: Ger Loop, Product Manager, will talk about: Avantes’s enabling spectroscopy solutions
  • BEAMAGINE: To be announced, will talk about: Data fusion with 3D lidar for enhanced perception in Industry 4.0 applications
  • BMBG CONSULT: Jan Hendrik Peters, Owner, will talk about: Expanding your market reach by better understanding your customers’ needs
  • BWT LASER EUROPE: Jens Biesenbach, General Manager, will talk about: BWT - A wide variety of diode lasers
  • CAELESTE: Jeroen Hoet, Chief Business Development, will talk about: How custom design can further push scientific image sensor performance
  • CAREGLANCE: Maria Chiara Ubaldi, CEO, will talk about: Novel Photonics Solutions for Next OCT Generation
  • CHIP ITEGRATION TECHNOLOGY CENTER (CITC): Marco Koelink, Business Development Manager, will talk about: joint innovation center in heterogeneous integration and advanced packaging
  • CHROMA TECHNOLOGY: Georg Draude, General Manager, will talk about: Photonic technology for fighting Covid-19 pandemic !
  • CHROMACITY: Christopher Leburn, Commercial Director and Co-Founder, will talk about: Next generation fixed wavelength femtosecond lasers and tunable picosecond OPOs
  • CIVAN ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES: Eyal Shekel, CEO, will talk about: What is Laser Dynamic Beam and how it improved material processing
  • COHERENT: Timothy McComb, Global Business Development Manager, will talk about: Advanced components for laser solutions in manufacturing, medical and defense industries: The Coherent you may not know
  • COMPTEK SOLUTIONS: Jouko Lång, CTO, will talk about: Passivation of compound semiconductors for advanced optoelectronic applications
  • CORACTIVE: Vinh Dang, Marketing Director, will talk about: Untitled
  • CSEM: Christian Bosshard, Head of CSEM, will talk about: Wafer-level photonic integration and fiber pigtailing for sensor surfaces
  • DELO: Patrick Heissler, Product Manager, will talk about: Materials and Equipment for Manufacturing of Optics: From Bonding to Replication
  • DELTA OPTICAL THIN FILM: Oliver Pust, VP of Sales and Marketing, will talk about: How to Benefit from Continuously Variable Filters in Fluorescence Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy and Spectroscopy
  • DIOPTIC: Roland Goscke, Head of Sales, will talk about: Automated scratch-dig inspection – Advantages of replacing manual-visual inspection
  • DIPOTIC GmbH: Dr. Roland Goschke, Head of Sales, will talk about: Latest precision optical inspection methods for Lidar systems and high power laser optics | Automated scratch-dig inspection – Advantages of replacing manual-visual inspection
  • DIRECT MACHINING CONTROL: Sarunas Vaskelis, Head of Sales, will talk about: Software For Laser Machining and Additive Manufacturing
  • EDMUND OPTICS: Boris Lange, Manager Imaging Europe, will talk about: Imaging Optics at EO – Recent Innovations
  • EMBERION: Jyrki Rosenberg, CEO, will talk about: Sneak preview of Emberion’s VIS-SWIR camera
  • EMF: Frank Minich, VP, Business Development, will talk about: The Solution to Coating DLC on Chalcogenides
  • EV GROUP: Eibelhuber Martin, Business Development, will talk about: Enabling advanced optical sensors by nanoimprint lithography
  • FBGS: Eric Lindner, CEO, will talk about: Fiber optic sensors for industrial and medical application
  • FEMTIKA: Linas Jonusauskas, Chief Scientific Officer, will talk about: Advanced 3D microfabrication workstation for high-tech applications
  • FEMTUM: Simon Duval, CTO, will talk about: The rising power of short pulse mid-infrared fiber lasers for science and industry
  • FINETECH: Martin Rogge, Product Manager, will talk about: Predictable and Repeatable Post Bond Accuracy as Key Performance Factor for Advanced Applications in R&D
  • FISBA: Martin Forrer, Senior VP Business Development, will talk about: Coated components for integrated micro-vision in endoscopy
  • FLUENCE: Dariusz Świerad, Business Development Manager, will talk about: Femtosecond fiber lasers for precise cutting and peace of mind.
  • FOGALE NANOTECH: Gilles Fresquet, Vice president, will talk about: Low coherence interferometry and multi wavelength profilometry for lens assembly process control
  • FORC-PHOTONICS: Mikhail Likhachev, Head of high peak power laser group, will talk about: Fibers solutions for fiber lasers and amplifiers
  • FORTH DIMENSION DISPLAYS: Henning Molsen, VP Sales & Marketing, will talk about: Spatial Light Modulators for fast binary Applications
  • FRAUNHOFER FEP: Uwe Vogel, Division Director Microdisplays and Sensors, Deputy Director, will talk about: Emissive Microdisplays and Optoelectronics Sensors – Backplanes and Frontplanes
  • FRAUNHOFER IOF: Erik Beckert, Leader of department “Opto-mechatronical Components and Systems, will talk about: Stable packaging of miniaturized laser-optical systems for aviation/space environments
  • FTMC: Gediminas Račiukaitis, Head of Dept of Laser Technologies, will talk about: Laser and Photonics Technologies in FTMC
  • GEHT INTERNATIONAL: Heikki Timonen, Director, will talk about: GEHT Marketplace - The online platform for companies to offer, sell and buy photonics products worldwide
  • GENTEC-EO: Charles Dumas, International Sales Director, will talk about: Going beyond laser test and measurement: new power meters and energy meters for the latest advances in laser applications
  • GLENAIR: Davinder Basuita, Business Development Manager, will talk about: Ruggedised Photonics Solutions for High-Speed Fibre-Optic Communications in Harsh Environments
  • HEIDELBERG INSTRUMENTS: Dominique Colle, Process and Application Engineer, will talk about: Maskless Grayscale Lithography
  • HILASE CENTRE: Petr Hauschwitz, Team leader: Laser micromachining, will talk about: Efficient processing by a new generation of high-power ultrafast laser systems
  • HOYA: Laura Matthies, Sales, will talk about: High Quality Glass Filter and Coating Technologies for Cameras, Sensors and Machine Vision
  • HUBER+SUHNER: Sven Krueger, VP Product Management, will talk about: Low-cost packaging of high performance multi-lambda
  • IBSEN PHOTONICS: Thomas Rasmussen, VP Business Development, Sales, and Marketing, will talk about: Benefits and drawback of DMD based spectrometers
  • IDIL: Boris Pedrono, Sales Manager, will talk about: 25 years of Photonics engineering: smart laser systems, optical fiber assemblies, sensors, interferometry and spectroscopy
  • II-VI: Je Sun Oh, Sr. Product Line Manager, will talk about: Specialty Optics for Life Science
  • IMEC: Amin Abbasi, Business Development Manager, will talk about: Review of imec photonic technology platforms (SiN) and their applications
  • INTEGRATED FIBER OPTICS: Jaroslav Kodz, Sales Director, will talk about: Industrial grade ultrafast laser platform derived from MAM™ oscillator technology as a 24/7 workhorse designed for automated manufacturing
  • IPRONICS, PROGRAMMABLE PHOTONICS: Jose Capmany, Chief Operations Officer, will talk about: Field Programmable Photonic Gate Arrays: Integrated photonics at your hand for your application
  • IRIDIAN SPECTRAL TECHNOLOGIES: Jason Palidwar, Product Group Manager, will talk about: Multiband optical filters – from Telecom to Spectroscopy and beyond
  • IRISIOME SOLUTIONS: William Renard, CTO & Business Developer, will talk about: IRISIOME Solutions, High-end and vighly tunable fiber Lasers
  • IRNOVA: Daniel Ribeiro, VP Sales, will talk about: SWaP T2SL infrared detectors for demanding applications
  • IXBLUE PHOTONICS: Hervé Gouraud, Sales Manager, will talk about: Specialty fibers and modulation solutions for fiber lasers, focus on space applications and high-energy lasers
  • LAMBDA-X: Thierry Emeraud, Business Development Manager, will talk about: Innovative spectrometry engineering and the wide-field Raman imaging example
  • LASER 2000: Martin Labus, Sales Engineer, will talk about: Trends in Spectroscopy
  • LASER POINT: Daniele Zanato, Sales Manager, will talk about: Transient analysis and “Pulse to pulse” energy stability measurements in Fast and Ultrafast Lasers using Blink High Speed Sensor
  • LIGENTEC: Michael Geiselmann, Managing Director, will talk about: Application examples of low-loss silicon nitride photonic integrated circuits
  • LIGHT CONVERSION: Martynas Barkauskas, CEO, will talk about: Manufacturer of Industrial Femtosecond Lasers & Scientific Laser Systems
  • LIGHTPATH TECHNOLOGIES: Rob Myers, Product Manager, will talk about: Moldable Glass Types for Lens Manufacturing
  • LIGHTTRANS INTERNATIONAL: Frank Wyrowski, President, will talk about: Innovative Optics and Photonics: Introducing LightTrans and Its Fast Physical Optics Software “VirtualLab Fusion”
  • LIGHTWAVE LOGIC: Michael Lebby, CEO, will talk about: Polymer Plus™: Upgrading your PIC with Ultrafast and Low Power Modulators
  • LIONIX INTERNATIONAL: Arne Leinse, CEO, will talk about: Hybrid Photonic ICs enabling new applications from 5G to Covid-19 sensing
  • LITHIUM LASERS: Alessandro Greborio, Chief Executive Officer, will talk about: New compact and cost-effective high-power lasers emitting high-quality femtosecond pulses
  • LUCEDA PHOTONICS: Pierre Wahl, Sales manager, will talk about: Build momentum in your photonics design flow
  • LUMIBIRD: Melanie Leseignoux, EMEA Sales Director, will talk about: Lumibird, the specialist in laser technologies
  • LUMICS: Nils Kirstaedter, CEO & founder, will talk about: Innovative custom-configured diode laser solutions for novel product developments in medical & healthcare and industry
  • LUMIPHASE: Lukas Czornomaz, Co-CEO, will talk about: BTO-enhanced silicon photonic products - high-speed, low-loss, low-power
  • LUXINAR: Yannick Galais, General Sales Manager, will talk about: CO2 laser technology for a range of industries
  • MANTISPECTRA: Maurangelo Petruzzella, Managing Director, will talk about: Next-Generation Integrated Near-Infrared Spectral Sensors
  • MENHIR PHOTONICS: Florian Emaury, CEO, will talk about: Ultra low-noise GHz pulsed lasers: towards faster electronics driven by photonics laser sources
  • MICRO RESIST TECHNOLOGY: Arne Schleunitz, CTO, will talk about: Innovative Photoresist and Photopolymers as Enabler for Photonic Industries
  • MICRORELLEUS: Raul Garcia, CEO, will talk about: Femtosecond laser microstructuring and texturing for lighting applications
  • MICROWAVE PHOTONICS: Vitaly Rymanov, Senior Engineer, will talk about: Microwave Photonics - Connecting Fiber-Optics and Wireless
  • MINTRES: Joanna Bendyna-Muirhead, Business Development Manager, will talk about: Thermal management and optics using diamond and ceramics for (opto-)electronics
  • MIRAI (ICFO): Kevin Schädler, Project leader, will talk about: A smartphone-based imaging platform for advanced skin understanding
  • MKS INSTRUMENTS – OPHIR BRAND: Nicolas Meunier, Business Development Manager, will talk about: Laser power measurement: big things come in small packages
  • MKS INSTRUMENTS | NEWPORT SPECTRA-PHYSICS: Jürgen Niederhofer, Managing Director / Country General Manager, will talk about: Laser Micromachining: Overview and Case Studies
  • MORPHOTONICS: Jan Matthijs ter Meulen, Co-Founder, will talk about: Large area Roll-to-Plate nanoimprint lithography for cost-effective high volume production
  • MOUNTAIN PHOTONICS: Johannes Doerfler, Technical Sales, Physicist, will talk about: Absolute spectral irradiance measurement using an integrating sphere and a Lambertian calibrated light source
  • MPS MICROSYSTEMS: Patrick Ruffieux, Product Manager, will talk about: Active Solutions for Challenges in Optomechanics
  • MWTECHNOLOGIES: Migel Melo, CEO, will talk about: Intelligent Laser Technology: from materials processing to defense and LiDAR applications
  • NANOPLUS: Lars Hildebrandt, Director Sales and Marketing, will talk about: Overview on state of the art light emitting semiconductor products at nanoplus (DFB-Laser, ICL, QCL, SLD, MIR-LED, FP-Laser)
  • NANOSCRIBE: Jochen Zimmer, Sales Manager, will talk about: Diffractive, refractive and hybrid microoptics with full design freedom
  • NEW IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES: Regis Tulaza, Sales Director, will talk about: SWIR – our solutions for your application
  • NEW INFRARED TECHNOLOGIES: Rodrigo Linares, Business Development Manager, will talk about: MWIR infrared solutions for inline industrial process quality assurance
  • NIL TECHNOLOGY: Theodor Nielsen, CEO, will talk about: Advanced diffractive optic solutions for consumer electronics
  • NKT PHOTONICS: Sascha Häuser, VP of Sales, will talk about: Ultrafast Solutions for Innovators
  • NTS: Frank Ernst, Business Development Manager, will talk about: How to unlock the true value of optics
  • OBDUCAT TECHNOLOGIES: Malcolm Rowntree, Sales Manager, will talk about: Lithography solutions for optics and photonics
  • OCEAN INSIGHT: Daan de Boer, Sales Engineer, will talk about: Spectroscopy (more detail will follow)
  • OCTLIGHT: Thor Ansbaek, CEO, will talk about: kHz-MHz VCSEL Swept Source for OCT
  • OFS: Udo Fetzer, Key Account Manager, will talk about: Specialty Fibers for Customized Applications
  • OPLATEK: Kimmo Solehmainen, Sales Director, will talk about: Photonic solution supplier with commitment
  • OPTICAL SOLUTIONS GROUP, SYNOPSYS: Maryvonne Chalony, Business Development Manager, will talk about: A Holistic Design Approach for LiDAR
  • OPTIUS: Mohamed Fouda, Cofounder and Chief Product Officer, will talk about: Untitled
  • OPTO: Markus Reidi, CEO, will talk about: Imaging modules and software
  • Opto GmbH: Markus Riedi, will talk about: Imaging modules and software
  • OPTOCRAFT: Christian Brock, Manager technical sales, will talk about: Flexible optics testing using Shack-Hartmann wavefront metrology
  • OPTOGAMA: Aurimas Galinis, CSO, will talk about: Beam delivery optics, devices and advanced laser crystals
  • OPTOSCRIBE: Nick Psaila, CTO, will talk about: 3D Glass Microfabrication
  • OPTOTECH OPTIKMASCHINEN: Kai Brueckmann, Sales Precision Optics, will talk about: Multi Tool Concept
  • ORAFOL FRESNEL OPTICS: Juergen Zosel, Managing Director, will talk about: Microstructured Optics - 10mm² to 1m²
  • PALOMAR TECHNOLOGIES: Martyn Davies, New Business Development, will talk about: Die Bond Flexibility for Next Generation Photonic Packaging
  • PARAGRAF: Olly Morris, Business Developer, will talk about: Paragraf – Transfer Free Graphene for Integrated Photonics
  • PHASEFORM: Stefan Weber, CEO, will talk about: Refractive optofluidic phase modulators for adaptive optics
  • PHIX PHOTONICS ASSEMBLY: Jeroen Duis, Chief Commercial Officer, will talk about: (Hybrid) PIC packaging and the volume scale up
  • PHOTONICS 42: Peppino Primiani, Photonic Test Engineer, will talk about: Parallel Multisite VCSELs Wafer Level Testing System and Tools
  • PHOTONICS BRETAGNE: David Méchin, Director, will talk about: New development in specialty optical fibers (PCF, active VLMA, MCF…) and AgriTech/FoodTech
  • PHYSIK INSTRUMENTE: Scott Jordan, Head of Photonics; Sr. Director, will talk about: New solutions to boost productivity in photonic test and assembly
  • PICADVANCED: Francisco Rodrigues, CEO, will talk about: Feeding 5G with tunable and integrated optic
  • POSALUX: Marco Nadalin, Business Development Manager, will talk about: Femto Laser micro-machining for electronics
  • PROSPECTIVE INSTRUMENTS: Dr. Lukas Krainer, CEO, will talk about: A new type of turn-key, flexible, compact and multi-modal multiphoton microscope.
  • QIOVA: Florent Thibault, VP Sales and Marketing, will talk about: Maximum value for minimum change: advanced beam delivery to unleash full laser processing performance
  • QUIX: Caterina Taballione, Quantum System Engineer, will talk about: A 12-mode universal photonic processor for quantum information processing applications
  • REFINED LASER SYSTEMS: Tim Hellwig, CEO, will talk about: Novel picosecond tunable fiber lasers – from 780 to 1600 nm within 5 milliseconds
  • ROODMICROTEC: Bjoern Hoffmann, Optoelectronics & Innovation Manager, will talk about: Reliability testing of photonic components
  • SCHÄFTER+KIRCHHOFF: Anja Knigge, Physicist, will talk about: Fiber Coupling
  • SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH: Magnus Greger, Sales Lead Europe, will talk about: Modern sensors- a challenge for the lens
  • SCIA SYSTEMS: Philipp Böttger, Technical Sales Manager, will talk about: Ion Beam Deposition for High Quality Coatings on Optical Components
  • SCINTIL PHOTONICS: Yannick Paillard, CCO, will talk about: Disruptive fully integrated circuits on Si, with integrated lasers for communication and sensing applications
  • SEDI-ATI FIBRES OPTIQUES: Amandine Debloudts, Marketing Communications Manager, will talk about: Fiber optic assemblies dedicated to spectroscopy
  • SENKO: Ryu Takahashi, Technical Contact, will talk about: Fibre Optical connectivity demand in OBO/CPO application and What SENKO can help you
  • SENSOFAR METROLOGY: Alberto Aguerri, VP of Sales, will talk about: 3D Surface Characterization: Roughness, Texture, Waviness and Critical Dimensions
  • SFC ENERGY: Onno van Apeldoorn, Business Development Power Supply Solutions, will talk about: FC Laser Power Supply Solutions
  • SOLAYER: Antun Peić, Head of Sales and Business Development, will talk about: AVIOR M-300 - Your vacuum deposition system for high-precision optical filters
  • SON-X: Benjamin Bulla, Managing Director, will talk about: Manufacturing of Ultra Precision Optical Components
  • SPACEOPTIX: Matthias Beier, CEO & Co-Founder, will talk about: Freeform metal optics for space and industry applications
  • SWISSOPTIC AG: Stefan Goral, Sales Engineer Photonics Solutions, will talk about: Customized optomechatronical solutions creating competitive advantages in laser industry
  • SYSTEMATIC PARIS-REGION: Lola Courtillat, Hub Optics & Photonics Coordinator, will talk about: Systematic Paris-Region, European cluster for Deep Tech innovations
  • T-SMART: Wei Kiong Tan, Chief Technology Officer, will talk about: Thermopile 2.0
  • TEC5: Christian Lux, Business Development Manager, will talk about: Progressive System Platforms & Components for Advanced Process Spectroscopy
  • TERAXION: Erick Pelletier, Vice President Sales & Marketing, will talk about: Key components for enhanced high power and ultrafast lasers
  • THORLABS: Stefan Hallwig, Team Leader OEM, will talk about: New Product Highlights in 2021
  • TOBII TECH: Peter Blixt, Senior R&D Manager, will talk about: Eye Tracking Boosting Head Mounted Displays
  • TOPPAN PHOTOMASKS: Brid Connoly, Strategic Marketing Manager, will talk about: From virtual to reality using augmented semiconductor imaging
  • TOUCHLESS AUTOMATION: Maurizio Migliore, COO, will talk about: Contactless manipulation and total visual inspection of laser diodes
  • VALO INNOVATIONS: Oliver Prochnow, CEO, will talk about: Innovations in ultrafast fiber lasers – benefit from shorter pulse durations
  • VARIO-OPTICS: Nikolaus Floery, Business Development Manager, will talk about: Electro-Optic Circuit Boards for Next Generation Optical Sensors & Chip-Packaging
  • VEXLUM: Jussi-Pekka Penttinen, CEO, will talk about: Vexlum VECSELs – bright northern lights
  • VIAVI SOLUTIONS: Markus Bilger, Product Line Manager, will talk about: Optical Filters and Light-Shaping Optics
  • VORTEX OPTICAL COATINGS: Ian Reilly, Managing Director, will talk about: Infra-Red Filters and IR Linear Variable Filters
  • VPIPHOTONICS: Chris Maloney, Director of Business Development, will talk about: The future is bright: A glimpse into the crystal ball of Photonic Design Automation
  • WORKSHOP OF PHOTONICS: Tomas Gelcys, Head of Sales, will talk about: Glass products for biotech, semicon and sensors industries
  • X-CELEPRINT: António José, Program Manager/Product Development, will talk about: Heterogeneous Integration using elastomer stamps for optoelectonic devices and circuits
  • XENICS: Marc Larive, Strategic Marketing Manager, will talk about: InGaAs high performance cameras in Semiconductor inspection
  • ZEMAX: Chris Normanshire, Customer Success Manager, will talk about: Zemax solutions for the next generations of optical design
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